The New & Unique 'MAG7' Landing Page Method That Dramatically Increases Leads, Sales & Profits From Google & Facebook Ads

Google and Facebook Ad costs are at an all time high. Don't waste money paying for clicks that don't turn into sales. Instead, stack the economics in your favour by sending your clicks to a landing page scientifically formulated to convert traffic like crazy. Our "against the grain" MAG7 landing pages are jet-fuel for campaigns, and can make them 2, 3 or even 4 times more profitable.


Finally… A Quick, Easy And Cost Effective Way To Turn More Clicks Into Dineros!

Are you sick of paying for expensive clicks on Google and Facebook, and not getting enough leads and sales? Tired of fiddling with your ad account without success, and wasting time with an ad specialist who isn’t hitting your goals? Are you wanting profitable and reliable campaigns, so you can focus on growing your business?

At New Limits, we help businesses dramatically increase sales with our well renowned MAG7 Landing Pages, designed specifically to convert Google and Facebook traffic. In the last 7 years we’ve helped countless businesses do this, and we can do the same for you too.

Simply Take Advantage Of Our Landing Page Blueprint & You’ll Avoid Overpaying For Sales!

Generating highly profitable sales from Google and Facebook, while dealing with the rising costs can be much easier than you think. Yet many businesses don’t apply the right fundamental sales principles to their landing pages, so their campaigns get bottlenecked.

We’ve spent millions of dollars on ads, across hundreds of ad accounts and industries. By rigorously split-testing landing page formats and copywriting techniques, we identified 7 fundamental strategies which convert like crazy in most industries.

Just A Handful Of Pages We've Made


Why Our Landing Pages Pile Up

Duffle Bags Worth Of ROI.

  • They’re a laser controlled pathway focused on selling.
    Are you sending traffic to your website? Bad idea! This is a huge mistake. Your website isn’t necessarily designed to ‘sell.’ Plus, it’s a minefield of distraction, which leaves you getting clicks with minimal conversions.
  • They contain 7 of the most powerful sales principles.
    Our pages use fundamental sales principles to make your service or product the obvious choice on the Google And Facebook arena. We’ve studied the greatest marketers from the past and now, and have applied proven systems while meticulously testing over and over to find what works.
  • They’re fast & mobile responsive.
    Nearly 50% of landing pages made by web developers lack the speed & responsiveness needed dramatically increase sales. Our pages are the complete opposite. They’re as smooth as butter.
  • They look pretty damn amazing.
    It’s the truth. Who the hell doesn’t like a beautiful landing page? Our objective is to get you more sales YEARS faster than you ever thought possible, and we don’t take any shortcuts on aesthetic.
  • Our pages speak directly to your prospects inner dialogue.
    Most Web Development agencies aren’t sales professionals that know how (or put the time into) researching & understanding your customers inner fears, hopes & dreams. This is where they go wrong. The online advertising war is won in the customer research. We conduct a thorough audience research process and ensure to write copy that strikes like lightning.

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