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A Digitalised Coterie Marketing Agency


Why should I use New Limits instead of one of the big guns?

Bigger is not always better. Corporate agencies follow a churn-and-burn, high-volume / high-turnover, process-driven, copy/paste, one-size-fits-all approach. They literally sign you up, then throw your case file to the nearest underling. 

Corporate agencies never take the time to find out what oils the gears in your business, or what your customer’s pain points and desires are. They don’t know you personally or professionally, and it’s a relationship which is doomed to fail (or at best, drastically underperform).

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Why is New Limits any different?

We are a Coterie Marketing Agency. A coterie is a group of people with a unifying common interest or purpose, and this is how we operate. We unify ourselves with your businesses goals and become one in purpose. We align together to bring in more leads, more sales, and more profits. It’s like a partnership, where we are invested in your success. 

We give a personalised service, including direct access with the New Limits Founder. And… we don’t take on everyone. We only work with businesses (and people) that are a good fit. So if we take you on as a client, expect to see your business scale to new heights in rapid time.

Would you be happy if we could turn every $1 in your marketing budget into a $3 return?

What about $3, or $4, or as we did for one client, a huge 435% return on investment?

Meet the New Limits Team

Hi, I’m Waheed, the Founder of New Limits. I’ve been managing digital marketing campaigns for service based & ecommerce businesses for 7 years. I’ve been in the corporate environment, and I know exactly how they work, and I saw a lot of frustrated clients who didn’t get the attention or the results that they deserved.

The truth is, digital marketing has evolved, and unlike corporate agencies, we evolve. My team only has the top guns, we never hire juniors. The team you see in-front of you are seasoned veterans who can take down giants using their weapons of choice; paid traffic, copywriting, sales funnels, conversion rate optimisation & offer creation.

New Limits has helped us to engage with new clients online and has seen a significant increase in our digital leads. We are extremely impressed with the professionalism of Waheed and how he is working with our organisation as though he is a part of it, he has taken the time to get to know our business and genuinely cares about the results we achieve, it is so refreshing that he is as invested in seeking quantifiable results as what we are.

Hayley Gorlitz-Wilson, Marketing Manager, Outsource Institute of Technology

I first went with New Limits as they presented themselves well and I went on a gut feeling. Boy am I am glad I went with what my gut was telling me. The leads I get from Google Ads are now prequalified and cost-effective. New Limits has gone the extra mile and helped me to covert the leads into sales and I cannot thank them enough. I have no hesitation in recommending them and suggest you have a talk with Waheed if you want your advertising dollar to be more lucrative.

Mark Beamis, Managing Director - Newmarket Car Care

New Limits has been absolutely fantastic since they commenced marketing my business. i have now developed a niche market within my psychology field that I am really passionate about. I could not have done it without New Limits invaluable marketing knowledge. Michael Waterman, Registered Psychologist

Michael Waterman, Director - Waterman Psychology Services

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